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This smart cookie jar will only open if you deserve it

It's generally understood that being able to delay your gratification helps you to become more successful. Resisting everything but temptation can be difficult, which is why the kSafe is stepping in when your resolve weakens. Essentially, the kSafe is an oversized cookie jar, but one that'll only let you get at its tasty treats inside if you've achieved something that day.

If that sounds vaguely familiar then it's because kSafe is the brainchild of Kitchen Safe inventors Ryan Sang and David Krippendorf. The pair appeared with their first product on Shark Tank, earning an investment from GoPro CEO Nick Woodman and Lori Greiner. kSafe takes the idea of locking your "goodies" away and takes it one step further, since instead of just a time-limit, you won't be able to get at your cookies, cigarettes or baggie of weed unless you've completed a goal.

These goals are controlled by the safe's companion app, and can be set to one of three different categories. Activity goals require you to walk enough steps or burn enough calories, while you could set a location goal that means you'll only get your TV remote if you check in at the gym. In addition, there's also time-based locks that ensure you can't do much damage to your waistline with midnight snacking.

Even though the outfit has the backing of two well-known investors and already has a successful product, it's still launching the kSafe on Kickstarter. If you choose to pre-order on the crowdfunding store, then you can get one of the first units for as little as $79. For everyone else, however, the hardware will set you back $129 when it hits stores (and probably the shopping channel) in October.