The Hue Go puts wireless lighting anywhere in your house

Philips has just unveiled a mobile addition to its venerable line of programmable LED Hue bulbs. It's called the Hue Go and is basically a salad bowl of light that you can hold in your lap (because people do that apparently?) or use as an accent or serve as a luminescent centerpiece much like the Hue Beyond or Luminaires. But unlike these earlier designs, the Go isn't tethered to a wall socket. Each unit reportedly lasts about three hours on a single charge and can be controlled through the associated mobile app (or the Hue Tap) just like a standard Hue bulb.

Even if you aren't close to your phone, you can still change the Go's current color output to one of five presets (whatever the heck Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest, and Night Adventure mean) using a manual switch on the unit itself. Like every other branded light in the Hue family, the new Go works seamlessly with both your existing Hue system and any of the 200-plus aftermarket control apps currently available. It's expected to hit store shelves (specifically: Apple stores, Amazon and Best Buy) around the end of May and will retail for $100.