Philips' Hue Beyond looks like a lamp, only smarter

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Daniel Cooper
September 4, 2014 8:51 PM
Philips' Hue Beyond looks like a lamp, only smarter

Philips Hue Beyond is the company's attempt at taking its connected lighting platform to the mainstream. That's why the new range of light fixtures -- lamps, pendant and ceiling lights -- pair a color-changing module with a "tunable" white light for actually being able to see. We managed to sneak around to the back of Philips' booth at IFA and into a demonstration area where we got to see the gear in use for the first time. It was here that we learned that the company will break out a standalone Hue Beyond app, specifically designed to cater to the more complex dual-bulbed platform. We also learned that there are a trio of Hue modules powering both of the lights, while a single hockey puck-shaped component can be found lurking beneath the lamp's cover. Still unsure if Hue Beyond is worth the investment? Check out the snaps.

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Philips' Hue Beyond looks like a lamp, only smarter