Philips' Hue Beyond brings smart lighting to lamps and table lights

Here's a thing that we learned today: an enclosed light fitting, like a table lamp or a pendant light is technically called a luminaire. The reason that we now know this, is because that's the phrase Philips is using to describe the latest addition to its lineup of connected lighting devices. Hue Beyond, despite the sci-fi sounding name, is a range of lamps and ceiling lights luminaires with a dual light source -- a "tunable" white light for seeing and a color-changing bulb that you can tweak to your heart's content. Of course, as a Hue device, it's this second element that'll offer the same smart integration with online services like email alerts and IFTTT recipes. It'll hit stores in the US and Europe toward the end of this month, but be warned, adding a little bit of technical ambience to your home doesn't come cheap. The table lamp version of Beyond, for instance, will set you back €330 ($430, £260), while both the ceiling light and pendant light editions are priced up at a whopping €530 ($695, £420)