Tinder's first video ad is here and it's all Bud Light's fault

"There's a lot of synergies between the Tinder audience and the audience we're looking for," said Bud Light's Director of Marketing to Ad Week. And for that reason it's selecting 1,000 swipe-righters -- although you can also enter through Twitter and Facebook -- to party in their fictional town of Whatever, USA, with presumably ample supplies of one of America's most... unassuming libations. The video will appear to those aged 21 and over (presumably there's no upper limit), like a typical profile within Tinder: you'll then be able to play and pause the video, or jump out to the official site if you're really into digital ad campaigns. (WE ARE!) The company has apparently prepped several video lengths for the ad run, which will likely act a barometer for future advertising inside the app -- even if the beer they're trying to sell you is a definite left-swipe.