Cars of the future will be safer and more connected

Are self-driving cars the future? They very well could be. Still, you shouldn't expect to see Mercedes' F 015 and other similar prototypes on public roads anytime soon. To learn more about this and the future of the car industry, we took to the New York Auto Show to speak to representatives of some of the largest manufacturers in the world -- Ford, Nissan, Honda, Jaguar and Chevrolet. While most of these companies already have autonomous projects in the works, they all agree that vehicles won't look terribly different over the next five to 10 years. In the near-term future, the focus is to keep drivers safe and make it easier for them to stay connected to the outside world. The plan is to bring more digital safety features to cars, and for smartphones to work better with infotainment systems. Simply put, it's all about efficiency -- for now, anyway.

The Near Future of the Car Industry