Instagram tools help you tweak the colors in your photos

Instagram's color tool

Instagram isn't slowing down in its bid to give you more control over your pictures. The square photo social network has updated its Android app (iOS is due in a few days) with two new tools that let you fine-tune the color of your shots. The Color tool, as the name implies, gives a tint to the highlights or shadows of your shots -- if a sunset doesn't look as good as it does in real life, you might have a chance to fix it. Fade, meanwhile, softens colors to either take the edge off or give a vintage look to your pics. They're small upgrades, but they could mean a lot if you're the sort who wants to get photos just right before you share them with others. And if these adjustments don't matter, you'll also be happy to hear that Instagram now has post notifications that alerts you when favorite users post something new.