Sonos adds another five music services, including Jay Z's Tidal

You've got your Sonos setup, and you've gushed about how easy it is to use, but (but!) you're itching to stream some Swift -- alas she's not on Spotify anymore. Not to worry, as the speaker company has recently added full (it was in testing before) support for music service challenger Tidal, as well as 22tracks, Saavn and Deezer Elite (again?). The new sources keep coming, too -- Mixcloud (a popular site for DJ sets) was added in "beta" (again, in testing) just today. As you'd hope, Tidal and Deezer Elite will stream high-quality audio to your earholes, while Saavn will satisfy your Bollywood hit needs. Sonos now has a total of 60 different music services compatible with its hardware and software mix -- so many, you'll likely not have heard of half of them. Its universal search still weeds out the artist you're looking for across music platforms, handy, given certain well-heeled musicians continue to pick and choose which services they back.