8tracks indie music library is a hipster's dream

If your musical tastes are too obscure for Spotify and Pandora, 8tracks' got you covered. The radio-style app averages eight million active members and about 30 million hours of streaming every month. Today, the company is rolling out a library feature that allows members (or DJs) to access 6.5 million tracks from independent music storehouses like INgrooves, CD Baby, Dim Mak and more. Over the last six years since its inception, 8tracks has become a discovery tool for the indie music loving community. Two-thirds of its streams are from independent labels and musicians. With the new partnerships, it strengthens that position and continues to support artists with exposure and royalties.

There's an old-school mix tape vibe to 8tracks. Unlike algorithm-run apps, it lets you handpick songs for your playlists and tag them with genres, moods or activities. But until now, you could only upload tracks that were on your hard drive or look to Soundcloud for the latest releases. While that's a familiar process for any music enthusiast who likes to organize a personal collection, it's still a tad tedious and often limiting when you don't have direct access to the tracks. With the new feature, the playlist-driven company lets you browse an extensive library for your music needs. You can drag and drop them in your playlist or put them in your "DJ crate" for easy access later on. So if you're an 8tracks user, the next time there's an Odesza or James Vincent McMorrow release you won't have to go too far to find it.