Soundcloud's latest iPad app is good for listeners, bad for creators

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James Trew
January 30, 2015 3:16 PM
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Soundcloud's latest iPad app is good for listeners, bad for creators

Soundcloud likes to keep its apps looking sharp -- this much we know. It was only just recently that the music service gave its iPhone app a bit of spit and polish. This time it's the iPad version's turn. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the design-DNA from the smaller iOS app carries over to the tablet version, but it comes with some functional tweaks too. The music-player's waveform isn't just simplistic, it's functional (touch to play, pause, skip etc). Also, you don't need an account to listen to tracks (you just ope, search and play) -- why don't all music apps work like that! It's not all give though: comments, track info and follower lists are all temporarily removed (they'll make a return at some point soon, we're told). As for the bigger picture, the update also proves Soundcloud is moving towards content delivery rather than enabling its creation (it's been a tool for independent musicians right from the start). How so? The removal of recording and uploading tools should fairly well make that clear.

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