ASUS' fitness-centric VivoWatch has a 10-day battery

In our review, we became quite fond of ASUS' rather handsome ZenWatch except, perhaps, for its two-day battery that most Android Wear watches are getting these days. Apparently the company heard us loud and clear, and it's now prepping the launch of its VivoWatch to offer a more compelling 10-day battery life. While details are scarce at the moment, ASUS has so far revealed that its new fitness-centric wearable has a tough stainless steel body, an IP67 rating against dust and water, heart-rate monitoring and sleep tracking. Judging by the above picture, this new device -- which will likely not run on Android Wear -- appears to feature a power-saving black-and-white display, along with some sort of colored light indicator bar below it.

Of course, given that there are now several smartwatches -- namely the Fitbit Surge, Pebble Time, Basis Peak and Garmin Vivoactive -- on the market with similarly "generous" battery life (and more features on some), it'll ultimately boil down to how much the VivoWatch will cost. ASUS didn't comment on this, but we've been told that more will be shared after the device's debut at Milan Design Week, which starts tomorrow.