Sky's digital movie and DVD combo store is now open to everyone

If you want to buy the latest movies digitally, where do you go? There are countless storefronts to consider, including iTunes, Google Play and Blinkbox Movies. But Sky has a simple reason to choose its 'Buy & Keep' service over the others: purchase a movie from us, and we'll throw in the DVD too. Before the offer was only available to Sky TV customers, but now anyone can use Buy & Keep through Sky Store. You can order movies through or the Sky Store apps, before watching them on a mobile device, or Roku, YouView, Now TV or Sky+ HD box. Four devices can be registered to a single account and two devices can stream the same movie simultaneously -- useful if you watch a lot of movies on the go. A new "follow me" feature means you can also pause a film on your smartphone or tablet and pick up where you left off on your big-screen TV.

The prices aren't cheap: new releases are £13.99 and older titles are £7.99. But you're also getting the DVD, which Sky promises to deliver within five working days. It's a smart play, because owning a physical copy means there's no risk of losing your film collection, should 'Buy & Keep' ever shut down or you decide to switch to a different platform. Sky says it's still keen to bring TV and movie boxsets into the fold, but refrained from giving any sort of time frame. An option to buy a Blu-ray over the DVD would be nice too. Just saying.