Amazon trial delivers packages directly to Audi cars

Amazon shows off its straight-to-Audi delivery trial

Tired of having to stay home (or ship to the office) just to collect your online orders? If you live in Germany and drive the right car, you might not have to. In an expansion of what Volvo tried last year, Amazon is teaming up with Audi and DHL for a trial that delivers Amazon Prime purchases directly to connected Audi cars in the Munich area. All you have to do is provide the rough location of your car during the delivery window -- after that, the DHL courier gets temporary access to the trunk of your vehicle to drop off your packages. Suffice it to say that this could be more than a little handy if you're busy working or visiting family. The trial will only involve a handful of people when it kicks off in early May, but here's hoping that it expands quickly... the days of staring anxiously at your front door could eventually come to an end.