Daniel Radcliffe confirmed for BBC 'Grand Theft Auto' drama

The rumors were true. The BBC's new Grand Theft Auto drama will feature two heavyweight stars: Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar Games co-founder Sam Houser and Bill Paxton as Jack Thompson, a former attorney that famously campaigned against the video game franchise. It's being developed under the working title "Game Changer" and will focus on the series' cultural impact, particularly around violence in video games.

When news of the project first broke, we weren't sure what to expect. The BBC, making a TV show about Grand Theft Auto? It seemed like a PR disaster just waiting to happen. But Guy Cocker quickly clarified that it would be a one-off docudrama about the game's development and creators. Radcliffe and Paxton's involvement will certainly give the show some extra clout -- not that it was ever going to have problems attracting an audience.