New Windows 10 preview comes with Aero Glass and an upgraded Cortana

Updated ·1 min read

In addition to showing off holographic apps and revealing the name of its post-IE browser, Microsoft has also released its latest Windows 10 preview build for PCs today. The build (now called "Insider Preview" instead of "Technical Preview") introduces quite a lengthy list of new and experimental features, including Windows 7's Aero Glass design. Apparently, a lot of preview users asked Redmond to bring Aero Glass black, since company dropped the feature from Windows 8. To test it out, half of those installing the new build will see their Start menu and taskbar in normal transparency, while half will see theirs with a frosted glass effect.

Cortana gets an upgrade, as well -- she not only gets a "visual refresh," but also takes over as soon as you start typing to search for an app within the Start menu. The virtual assistant can also answer a bunch of new questions, including ones about time zones, weather, flight status, unit conversions, so on and so forth, thanks to Bing Instant Answers.

Continuum, which will soon arrive on smartphones, gets a simplified taskbar on desktop, along with an adjustable divider between two windows. Finally, the build boasts a fresh batch of system sounds, better multi-tasking experience, upgraded Music and Video Preview apps and an improved Windows Store. You can read more about the build on Microsoft's official blog and download it from the company's website, so long as you sign up to become Windows Insider.