Amazon is bringing Prime videos and music to JetBlue's fleet

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Amazon is bringing Prime videos and music to JetBlue's fleet

Amazon has spent an exorbitant amount of cash to grow its Prime Instant Video service. Still, the company knows there's more it can do to make the offering better for subscribers. As such, Amazon is teaming up with JetBlue to bring Prime's on-demand video and music content to the skies, though only in the US. The new feature, which will be powered by JetBlue's super-speedy Fly-Fi internet, will be included as part of any existing Prime membership -- it's free in-flight entertainment, and that's a gesture people are likely to appreciate. Unfortunately, it won't be available until later this year, but at least that gives you some time to start building out your Watchlist.

As for whether or not Amazon plans to do something similar with other airlines, we reached out to find out, so we'll let you know once the online retailer gets back to us.

Update: Amazon's Michael Paull, vice president of digital video, had this to say about our inquiry:

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Not now

This is the first time we're working with an airline, and we're excited that it's JetBlue. We want our Prime members and customers to watch their favorite movies and TV shows anywhere they are -- even at 35,000 feet -- and we'll continue to look for new ways to innovate and ensure we're providing the best and most accessible on-demand digital video service.

Sure, he's not stating Amazon Prime could end up on, say, Delta or United in the future, but he's not denying it either.

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