Nikon's doggy camera mount snaps when Rover gets excited

Dogs, it's fair to say, are easily excited. Walks, treats, sniffing other dogs' butts -- for man's best friend, life is a non-stop thrill ride. Now, to help you capture these moments of canine euphoria, Nikon has developed a camera mount that reacts to their heart rate. So when your favorite pooch spots something particularly awesome, the shutter will fire automatically, giving you an SD card full of the highlights. Nikon's "Heartography" setup consists of two parts -- an elastic heart-monitoring band and a "SmartCase" for the camera. Heart rate data is transmitted over Bluetooth and shown on the mount's OLED display, where you can also tweak the minimum threshold for each new snap. Unfortunately, this appears to be just a kooky R&D project though, rather than a serious consumer product. In the meantime, you'll have to make do with something like GoPro's Fetch mount -- it's lighter and more flexible, but you'll have to scrub through the footage to find the good bits.