With podcasts and video, Spotify becomes an all-in-one streaming service

At an event in New York City this morning, Spotify revealed more tools to enhance that daily listening experience. To keep all of the things you enjoy hearing in one place, the streaming service added podcasts to its feature set. If you'll recall, the addition was hinted at back in November, thanks to a bit of code in a test version of Spotify's app. That's not all, though, the company is tacking on video as well. This means that content providers can leverage audio and visuals to beam episodes and short clips to listeners on the service. Don't expect full-length episodes, as the bulk of the content will be short videos lasting around ten minutes. If you're commuting and can't watch, you can opt for an audio-only version of the selected item -- safety first, folks. Of course, the addition of video isn't a complete surprise either, as rumors of Spotify's plans circulated earlier this month.

In terms of content selection, ESPN, ABC, NBC, Comedy Central and many more -- including a load of popular podcast networks -- will be available inside the app. Broad City's Abbi and Ilana were on hand to promote the new content stream, so if you're a fan of the series, you'll be able to see more of the duo. As you might expect, there's exclusive content too, like a dance move of the day from Amy Poehler. Spotify is certainly taking aim at Tidal, as that service that offers music videos, performances and more to its subscribers. While musicians weren't mentioned too much during today's video chatter, there's sure to Spotify Sessions available for viewing. Deezer added podcasts just days ago, but from the looks of it, Spotify is looking to offer a wealth of content that's not just limited to piping in audio episodes. The new version will go live in the US, UK, Germany and Sweden today with a global launch on the way soon.