Microsoft replaces broken Nokia phone after it saved a life (updated)

There are plenty of tales on how Nokia phones -- now under Microsoft -- have saved people's lives, with the latest one coming from China, where a man managed to survive a collapsed wall courtesy of his Lumia 920 earlier this month. As recalled by the lucky survivor himself, Mr. Geng Ming instinctively covered his head with his trusty Windows Phone device, which managed to soften the blow from the heavy wall. Microsoft China caught wind of this story and was kind enough to replace Geng's old flagship phone with a new model. Nope, not a Lumia 930, but a brand spanking new Lumia 640 XL. We don't blame Geng for looking so emotionless here.

Geng describing how he used his Lumia 920 to shield his head from the collapsing wall.

To be fair, it's no secret that Microsoft only focuses on the entry to mid-level mobile markets these days, but why make yourself look silly by replacing an old flagship with a new but much cheaper mid-ranger? As far as PR stunts go, that's schoolboy error, as called out by many folks in the Sina Weibo thread. Besides, it's not like Microsoft won't be returning to the high-end market, if the rumors are true.

Update: Microsoft China got back to us with a valid reason for why it replaced Geng's Lumia 920 with a Lumia 640 XL instead of a Lumia 930: the latter doesn't support China's 4G network (and likewise for the Lumia 830, Lumia 1520 plus Lumia 1320). Given the lack of China 4G-friendly premium Lumia devices, the 640 XL is a reasonable replacement, after all; though we still wish the Windows Phone ecosystem has more to offer these days.