Google wants more Chromecast multiplayer games and autoplaying apps

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Mariella Moon
May 29th, 2015
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Google wants more Chromecast multiplayer games and autoplaying apps

Google has sold 17 million Chromecasts thus far, but it obviously wants to sell more and make the media player more valuable to current users at the same time. The company is releasing a bunch of new APIs that will allow developers to create even better apps, games and experiences. To start with, Mountain View is making it easier for them to tailor second-screen experiences for both iOS and Android. That could lead to more games that use phones as controllers (see above), as well as other types of apps like photo editors that place editing tools on smartphone displays.

Add that to the fact that the company's also simplifying the process of creating multiplayer games, and you can expect more titles that can be navigated using iPhones and Android devices. Finally, Google is providing devs with the API to allow users to queue videos, the same feature already available for YouTube and Netflix on Chromecast. Even better, the second video in line will begin buffering even before the first ends for nonstop, no-downtime video binges.

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