The PS4 will have a 1TB hard drive version very soon

Coming right on time after Microsoft's leak a few hours ago, some pre-E3 Sony news just popped up. An FCC filing reveals two new versions of the PS4 are on the way, and one of them is its first to come stock with a 1TB hard drive inside, twice the size of the current one. PlayStation gamers have already been able to crack the system open and swap in a larger/faster storage unit, but if you'd prefer to skip the hassle the option of having one from the jump will be nice, and current games fill up a 500GB unit all too quickly.

Those with keen eyes have noticed that the new systems are also slightly lighter and use less power than the most recent PS4 revisions. While there's some speculation that could mean they'll arrive without a Blu-ray drive inside, it seems more likely that an improved design is simply making them more efficient. The only disappointment we have is that they still appear to lack support for 5GHz WiFi, a serious problem for gamers who live in apartment buildings or other areas flooded with wireless networks. Either way, the CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B (1TB) will probably be revealed June 15th at 9PM during Sony's E3 2015 event, and of course we'll be there to cover it.