Windows will make it easier to remote-control Linux PCs

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Windows will make it easier to remote-control Linux PCs

In case there was any doubt that Microsoft's war against Linux is (mostly) over, the company just offered another olive branch. The company has revealed that its PowerShell team is working on support for the Secure Shell protocol and shell sessions (aka SSH) to make it easier for Windows- and Linux-based PCs to connect to and remotely control each other. While SSH has been an option in the Windows world, Microsoft's Angel Calvo says there have been "limited implementations" so far -- this would simplify things and give you "tight integration" with Windows that wasn't feasible before. It's too early to tell when the feature will be available, but it's at least in the cards.

The move isn't completely surprising. As Calvo notes, the "changes in leadership and culture" in Redmond made this possible. CEO Satya Nadella is interested in spreading Microsoft's services (such as Azure) to every platform that can use them, rather than insisting on Windows-only solutions like his predecessors. SSH support should make it easier to integrate Microsoft's technology into environments where Linux has a solid foothold, whether it's a data center or your home network.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit]

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