This cock ring quantifies your sex life

There are fitness trackers for your head, torso, wrist and calves, and then there are fitness trackers for your genitals. Drawing inspiration from Bondara's conceptual SexFit, Lovely is a cock ring wearable device that'll pull triple duty as an erotic toy, priapic activity monitor and sexual performance coach. Simply slide your penis into the hardware, get banging away and, when you're done, a mobile app will tell you your score. Statistics that are recorded by the device include the calories you've burned, the force of your thrusting and even your top speed. The software will even look at your performance and come up with one of 120 new positions that you can try next time out.

The stretchable ring is made out of medical-grade silicone and will vibrate to give a little bit of extra stimulation to your partner. If you choose to keep that feature going, then Lovely will last for just two hours, but if you can think you can do the job on your own, the device will run for seven hours at a time. Between sessions, you can simply dump the gear onto an inductive charging dock to re-juice it ready for your next session, but for God's sake, rinse it first.

Given that there's a Y in the name of the day, you'll be unsurprised to learn that Lovely's creators are begging for your cash on Indiegogo. If you kick in $99 (early bird) $129 (everyone else) then you'll expect to get your device by June 2016. Until then, you'll just have to think of some other way to keep your other half entertained -- maybe you should take up doubles Canasta or something.