Bjork out-Bjorks herself with wild 360 degree VR music video

Y'all know Bjork. Besides being the sound that the Muppets' Swedish Chef makes, Bjork is also a super-talented Icelandic pop diva. She made a name for herself with off-the-wall outfits and over-the-top pageantry (looking at you, 1995's It's Oh So Quiet) and did so decades before Lady Gaga even thought of donning a meat suit. Now, Bjork's back and quirkier than ever in her latest "Stonemilker" music video. The song originally debuted back in March, however the only way to experience the 360 degree action was live at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City -- we made the trip -- or the Rough Trade shops in New York and London. But now, the video has finally made its way to the Interwebs. It's currently playing on YouTube, no VR goggles required.