Live from Apple's WWDC 2015 keynote!

It feels like we were just here, and in a way we were: Just three months after unveiling the new MacBook, Apple is back at the Moscone Center in San Francisco to kick off its annual Worldwide Developer Conference. That means we're back at Moscone too, ready to liveblog whatever it is the company has up its sleeve this time. The question, as always, is what. We're not really due for any new hardware this time of year, save for a possible 12-inch iPad and Apple TV refresh (and even that's supposedly not happening). We also expect to see TV and music streaming services at some point, though we're not 100 percent sure Apple will be ready to announce either just yet.

Some likelier bets: the company will release a native SDK for Apple Watch apps, and also give us a sneak peek at both iOS 9 and the next version of OS X. In particular, we're hearing that iOS 9 is mostly about under-the-hood performance improvements and will look very similar to iOS 8, though it may still contain a few new features, most notably a rumored Google Now competitor and support for Force Touch gestures. In any case, whatever it is Apple has to share today, we'll find out soon enough. Join us at 1PM ET and stay tuned in as we give you the blow by blow.