'Halo' dart guns are perfect for the galactic war in your backyard

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Timothy J. Seppala
June 11th, 2015
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'Halo' dart guns are perfect for the galactic war in your backyard

Need something to take your Master Chief Collection frustrations out with? Then these Halo branded Nerf foam-dart guns from BOOMco might be right up your alley. For $30 you get toy versions of the sci-fi series' M6 Blaster pistol and and the alien Covenant Plasma Overcharge Blaster, a target, foam ammo and a gun case modeled after those you'd find in-game. As reseller MattyCollector writes in the product listing, these are apparently accurate up to 70 feet too. You can pre-order them through the site right now, but the catch is you have to pick them up in San Diego at Comic Con this year. A number of the armaments will be sold at the Mattel booth as well. You've already gotten your tickets and booked a hotel, right? If not you can try your luck for the "limited" supply that's going to Toys R Us' website after the show, sans the SDCC-exclusive case pictured below.

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