Apple will have human editors running its News service

Updated ·1 min read

The big pitch for Beats 1 is that, rather than leaving the finding of new music to algorithms, humans will actively seek out and curate fresh tunes for our ears. Now we've learned that Apple will do the same thing for its Flipboard-style news aggregation service for iOS 9. 9to5Mac has unearthed a job advert confirming that Apple News will be run not by software, but by fleshy editors who will cherry-pick the most important stories to be delivered to your phones and tablets.

As the ad points out, algorithms alone can't understand "original, compelling stories" that should be shared with readers. Of course, that does raise some questions as to what sort of curation these editors will be responsible for running -- none of which are answered by the advert. In addition, the editor will be asked to craft "compelling email newsletters," although it's not clear if that's to jazz-up Apple's intra-office mail or as a side-benefit to signing up with the service. Oh, and if you're thinking of applying yourselves, the job can only be done from Santa Clara, and you'll need a bachelors in journalism.