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Apple News app brings 'beautiful' personalized content to iOS

Apple News app brings 'beautiful' personalized content to iOS
Richard Lawler
Richard Lawler|@Rjcc|June 8, 2015 1:58 PM


Today at WWDC Apple announced a Flipboard-like news curator called, wait for it, Apple News. Like Facebook's Instant Articles push, it includes articles specifically built for the app, but can also pull in content from elsewhere on the internet. The New York Times will push 30 free articles through the app every day, while other partners, like ESPN, will bring videoclips and infographics. The secret to the app is the new "Apple News Format" that allows for custom fonts, multitouch gestures and layouts that scale from phones to tablets.

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As we've seen throughout the event, Apple is pushing privacy as a feature, promising your preferences won't be used in other Apple services. The app will be available for iPhone and iPad, starting in the US, UK and Australia. Re/code reported on the new app earlier today, saying it will replace Newsstand, but it's unclear if that applies to other regions right away. Publishers interested in joining can sign up now on the Apple website, but we'll need to wait for iOS 9's arrival this fall to start reading in the app.

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Apple News app brings 'beautiful' personalized content to iOS