Gogo's internet TV service debuts on Brazilian airline's planes

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Mariella Moon
June 17th, 2015
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Gogo's internet TV service debuts on Brazilian airline's planes

It looks like Gogo's speedy 2Ku internet technology for international flights is ready for a wider launch. The company is outfitting all the planes in GOL's fleet -- a budget Brazilian airline -- with the technology, which promises 70 Mbps peak speeds. If 2Ku can truly deliver, passengers will have internet access with around 20 times the bandwidth of Gogo's first-gen air-to-ground internet. Since the tech can theoretically handle more load than other, notoriously slow in-flight connections, GOL is also installing Gogo's Vision video-on-demand service and Gogo TV on its planes. It's actually the first airline ever to order the company's Internet Protocol television (IPTV) product, which was designed to stream live TV shows to people's smartphones, tablets or laptops. Gogo will be done installing all these upgrades for GOL's passengers by mid-2016. It might also bring 2Ku to other airlines in the near future, seeing as it had always planned for a full-scale launch to happen this year.

[Image credit: Igor Santorsula/Flickr]
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