Shoot RAW photos on your iPhone with this tiny camera

Apple's keen to remind the world how great the camera on the iPhone 6 is with its new "Shot on iPhone 6" billboards. But, some mobile photographers want more. That's where the new DxO One comes in. It's tiny camera that attaches to the iPhone's Lightning port. It shoots RAW images with a 20.2 MP one-inch CMOS BSI sensor behind an f/1.8 32mm equivalent lens. The One can shoot independent of the iPhone, but when attached with the companion app launched, it turns the iPhone into a large viewfinder with the same manual controls found on a DSLR. The camera is available for pre-order now in the US for $599 and will ship in September.

When attached to an iPhone or iPad with a lightning port, the camera rotates plus or minus 60 degrees and when flipped over, takes the most important photo of all, the selfie. While the camera stores RAW photos on a microSD, it sends JPEGs to the attached iOS device so you can post them to your favorite social network. For low-light situations, the Super RAW feature shoots four RAW photos of varying exposures and merges them. It's a fancy name for high resolution in-camera HDR.

Frankly, it's a fancy little camera for someone that wants better photos without lugging around another camera. The One fits easily in your pocket and will finally let you take those photos in the club without everything looking all grainy. That's what Instagram filters are for.