Facebook tests a new tool to personalize your news feed

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Andrew Tarantola
June 18, 2015 1:08 PM
Facebook tests a new tool to personalize your news feed

Last year Facebook debuted a very handy "muting" feature for its News Feed service that allowed users to stop receiving updates from specific people and pages without actually unfriending them. Today, Facebook has quietly begun testing a complimentary News Feed settings function that actively promotes specific content dubbed "See First". According to TechCrunch, users simply click on a friend or page's "following" button, then select "See First" from the subsequent menu to activate it.

The new service appears to be in early release at the moment. I couldn't access that menu in my personal feed and Facebook seems to confirm the service's limited availability in a statement to TechCrunch, "We are always exploring new ways to improve the Facebook experience, and are currently running a small test of a feature that lets you indicate that you'd like to see posts from a specific person or Page at the top of your News Feed." There's no word yet on when the new service will go live to the general public.

[Image Credit: AFP/Getty Images]

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