JXE Streams: Talking 'No Man's Sky' with Hello Games

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JXE Streams: Talking 'No Man's Sky' with Hello Games

Another E3 has come and gone. This one was particularly spectacular. We got to play Volume with Mike Bithell. We got to talk about Yooka-Laylee with legendary Rare composer Grant Kirkhope. We even got to bask in the announcements of seriously unlikely sequels like Shenmue 3 while simultaneously reveling in brand new games like ReCore. E3 2015 was amazing, but we're not done! We have one more developer stream in store for you. Join us on Twitch.tv/Joystiq at 12PM ET/9AM PT while we discuss No Man's Sky with Hello Games.

Tune in right here to this post or to Engadget.com/gaming starting at 12PM ET/9AM PT. Want a chance to talk with the team at Hello Games about their new sci-fi epic? Then watch at Twitch.tv/Joystiq! How do you build a game with a procedurally generated universe full of thousands upon thousands of unique worlds? Let's find out together.

JXE Streams will also be on the air starting at 3:30PM ET/12:30PM PT to wrap up E3 2015 and usher in the weekend!

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[All games are streamed at 720p via OBS.]

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JXE Streams: Talking 'No Man's Sky' with Hello Games