Resident Advisor's app leads you to the nearest rave

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Resident Advisor's app leads you to the nearest rave

Electronic dance music is booming far, wide and loud at spectacular festivals. As per Ibiza's International Music Summit report, the EDM industry in North America alone rakes in $1.6 billion from live events. It's not just the monstrous Electric Daisy Carnival-style festivals that contribute to the popularity and the revenue, though. There's a plethora of dance music talent gigging across smaller venues too. Resident Advisor's (RA) been one of the more reliable curators of those gigs for the last 14 years. Whether you're in need of some commercial beats at Pacha in New York or want a dose of an offbeat warehouse gig in Paris, RA's been sorting through the clutter for you. Now the site's extending its expertise with a mobile events guide that's optimized for dance music.

The RA Guide app (available on iTunes today) taps into the parent site's expansive collection of about one million artists and venue listings that span 120 countries. It picks up your location and personalizes the listing based on artists marked favorite on your app or iTunes library. "The ability to explore [that] intersection and find out what's going on right where you are is incredibly powerful," Paul Clement, co-founder of Resident Advisor told Engadget. "This is not something that is easily handled via traditional website interfaces, and was the specific driver behind the app."

RA isn't the first dance music-dedicated site that's launched an app to make partying easier. Beatport, a popular EDM market place, introduced a customized calendar option on its app earlier this year. But RA's rolled out a native ticketing system so you can instantly buy access to an event, which gives this mobile guide an edge over similar apps.

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