Shazam shows you the music artists are discovering

The ability to follow your favorite music artists on Shazam isn't new, but that feature is now getting a huge boost. Starting today, the service will let you see how entertainers are using Shazam to discover tunes, too. Because famous people -- they're just like us. With the refreshed iOS and Android apps, you'll start seeing the option to follow hundreds of artists, including Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull and Shakira, and view the music any of them are identifying through Shazam. Better yet, you can listen to these songs directly from the application. Don't expect artists to make everything they try to recognize public, though, since there is an option to keep guilty pleasures (or blunders) private.

"What we learned is that artists themselves are discovering things with Shazam," says Chief Product Officer Daniel Danker about the company's new feature. "We wanted to turn this [feature] into an ongoing relationship between the user and the artist." At launch, participating artists are only able to share music content with their followers. But Danker adds that, in the future, this functionality may expand to other Shazam-ready items -- like books, movie posters, magazines and more.