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Facebook is sharing more ad dollars with its video creators

Facebook's shiny logo isn't all that's new for the social network today: The outfit's also announced how it plans to split video ad revenue with publishers. Like YouTube, Facebook will give content creators 55 percent of ad revenue and keep the rest, according to Fortune. Early publishing partners include Funny or Die, Fox Sports, Hearst and the NBA. And if you're curious about how ads will work with video, it doesn't seem like you'll have to worry about them auto-playing loud and proud while you're scrolling through your news feed on mobile. On the handheld platform, when you tap a clip you'll go to a different screen with "Suggested Videos" and once your selected video finishes, an ad will play before the next one's served up.

It's still in testing (and only with what Forbes says is a scant few iOS users), but the feature opened up a bit more today will add even more users soon. As is often the case with Facebook and its new stuff, Apple's mobile ecosystem gets it first while Android and desktop are slated to pick up the rear here.

[Image credit: Darren Abate/Invision/AP]