Apple will bring back Home Sharing for music on iOS 9

It sucks that Home Sharing for music isn't available on iOS 8.4, but don't worry -- Apple isn't permanently getting rid of the feature to boost its Music subscriptions. Eddy Cue, the company's SVP of Internet Software and Services, has divulged on Twitter that he and his team are working on bringing it back on iOS 9. He made the revelation on the social network as a response to this amusing tweet: "Hey @cue, I hope I don't have to be @taylorswift13 to get you to restore Home Sharing for music!"

As you probably know, Home Sharing allows you to stream iTunes contents (music, videos, movies) from computers to any iPhone, iPad or iPod connected to a single WiFi network. You can still stream videos on iOS 8.4 and any file on Apple TV; plus, you can still enjoy Cupertino's new Music service for free. But if you have a large music collection and regularly tap into it for impromptu dance numbers around your house, you'll have to wait for iOS 9 to drop this fall.