Apple's iPod touch gets the same chip as the iPhone 6 (update: tests)

The iPod may not be Apple's golden goose anymore, hell, it's not even an option on the company's site anymore, but that doesn't mean that the firm is ignoring it. The company is giving the iPods a seasonal refresh with the junior devices getting some new colors and the iPod touch getting more of the features we're used to seeing on the iPhone. Whereas the existing touch came with just a 5-megapixel camera, the new version gets an 8-megapixel shooter with burst and slo-mo -- just as you'd find on the iPad Air 2. Internals-wise, the new iPod comes with the 64-bit A8 CPU that you find in the iPhone 6, paired with the M8 motion co-processor that'll please the fitness enthusiast in your life.

If you were looking to grab the new iPod Touch, then the 16GB edition will set you back $199. In addition, you can grab a 32GB option for $249, a 64GB variant priced at $299 and, for the first time, a 128GB model that'll sell for $399. At the same time, Apple also added the same space gray, silver and gold color options to the iPod nano and iPod shuffle ranges, should you prefer something smaller to take with you on your morning jog.

Update: Our TechCrunch colleagues have benchmarked the new iPod touch, and it turns out that the A8 chip is running at a lower clock speed in this device than it does in the iPhone 6 (1.1GHz versus 1.39GHz). That's not shocking given the iPod's lower price and smaller battery, and it shouldn't hurt performance too much... just know that Apple made some sacrifices to leap three processor generations without a major redesign or price hike.