These are the wireless controllers you'll use with the HTC Vive

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HTC's virtual reality headset, the Vive, blew us away when we first tried it at MWC 2015. Back then, however, the company was using wired, 3D-printed controllers, which made the experience slightly cumbersome -- considering that you're expected to move around a dark room "blindfolded." Thankfully, HTC has already put together a wireless pair for developers; each one features motion-tracking sensors, a trigger button, digital touchpad and a design that's very reminiscent of the Wii's nunchuks. Now, these controllers are still in their prototype stage, but they should give you an idea of what's coming when the HTC Vive consumer edition launches.

Question for you: In terms of ergonomics, do you prefer this set or the Oculus Touch?

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