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Microsoft opens Xbox-to-Windows game streaming up to everyone

Microsoft's removed the Xbox-to-PC game-streaming restrictions and now anyone with Redmond's latest console and Windows 10 can play Sunset Overdrive or attempt to jump into a few online Halo: The Master Chief Collection matches on their device. More than that, some pretty big new features are hitting the Windows 10 Xbox app including party chat and tweaks to how screenshots and video clips are shared via the Game DVR.

Perhaps most impressive is how the My Games functionality within the application works now. Sure, your games purchased from the Windows Store automatically populate under the banner as you'd expect, but that's extending to "a large number" of older games you might've bought from other sources too. You can manually add titles if they don't appear as well, and Microsoft says it'll keep track of what you're adding so the automation improves with time. Of course there are plenty more new additions to the service, so be sure to check out the Xbox Wire post to read all about 'em.