Spotify's Discover Weekly uses your habits to recommend new music

Spotify just added a load of new features with a recent update and now it's looking to help you find new music. To do just that, a new tool called Discover Weekly builds a two-hour playlist of suggestions based on your listening habits and those of folks with similar preferences. What's more, the collection of tunes -- basically a mixtape -- is refreshed every Monday so that you're greeted with new material on the regular. In fact, my collection was updated early this morning. Spotify says the more you use it, the better it'll get, adapting as your musical taste evolves. Soon, Discover Weekly with appear at the top of your saved playlists for easy access. And yes, you can save individual songs you like or share the whole lot with your pals.

I've had access to the tool for a few days, and based on the first set of tracks Spotify selected, I'm cautiously optimistic. Meek Mill, Run the Jewels, Of Monsters and Men and Miguel are getting the bulk of my attention these days, so the tool built my first playlist of songs from Caribou, Modest Mouse, Action Bronson, Flying Lotus and more. Understandably, this group of initial picks is a bit of a mixed bag -- similar to my tastes -- but I'm looking forward to seeing how the feature changes during weeks when I lean more towards one genre. In this morning's update, for example, I received mostly hip-hop picks as my listening last week centered around that genre during workouts. While Apple Music touts its human-curated playlists, Spotify is relying on its software here, and it seems to work just fine. You'll be able to try it for yourself soon enough, as the curated playlist should appear across all of Spotify's apps shortly.