ZTE's latest smartwatch packs style and gesture control

ZTE Axon Watch

ZTE isn't just counting on a high-end smartphone to convince you that it means business. The company has taken the wraps off of the Axon Watch, a smartwatch that's miles above last year's clunky BlueWatch in both design and features. Besides looking like a conventional watch that you might actually enjoy putting on your wrist, it's packing a wearable version of Tencent OS (nope, no Android Wear here) with both perks like gesture control as well as basics like phone calls, messaging and fitness tracking.

If only the hardware were more exciting. While the 1.4-inch sapphire-coated display and Bluetooth 4.1 are noteworthy, you're otherwise looking at a very pedestrian 512MB of RAM, 4GB of built-in storage and a 300mAh battery. Don't expect epic battery life or performance, then. As it stands, you may have to go out of your way to get one. The Axon Watch is launching in China, and there's no indications that it's heading elsewhere any time soon.