StubHub lets eventgoers call an Uber from its app

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StubHub lets eventgoers call an Uber from its app

People love it when companies make things easier for them, and that's exactly what StubHub is doing today. If you use the service to buy tickets to events, like a live concert or sports game, you'll now be able to book an Uber directly from its iOS and Android apps. The best part about this is that, once you've purchased a ticket, the StubHub application sends a notification to your device (two hours prior to the event) asking if you'd like to request an Uber. And, similar to Live Nation's partnership with the ridesharing firm, there's no need to type in the address to the venue -- StubHub lets drivers know where the drop-off point is.

"We're in the journey to become a resource for users," says Parag Vaish, head of mobile at StubHub, about the Uber integration. "Previously it [the service] was for tickets, [but] it's become more social. Going to the events, there are a lot of elements to that." The feature, which is only available in the US, Canada and UK at launch, should be rolling out to mobile devices shortly.

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