Go inside a giant Japanese concrete-crushing robot

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Mat Smith
August 7, 2015 1:00 PM
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Go inside a giant Japanese concrete-crushing robot

Japan's got another robot. But this one isn't selling coffee or checking you into a hotel. No, this one has industrial metal claws on both hands, monster truck tires and a seat for you to sit in. Taguchi Industrial makes heavy-duty construction equipment. Its vehicles, featuring the same claws, were used following both the Tohoku tsunami and Kobe earthquake to clear debris. "Super Guzzilla" (there's no "Original Guzzilla" -- we checked), is what future construction vehicles will look like -- at least according to this company. Not only can it move over tough terrain, and is also equipped with two metal pincers adding improved mobility and efficiency when it comes to demolition or removal work. Is it a PR stunt? Oh good lord yes, but the team that helped design the cockpit also crafted an Oculus Rift simulator to show what it would be like inside. Oculus Rift? Giant robot capable of crushing buildings? For an Engadget editor, it's like a moth to a flame.

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Go inside a giant Japanese concrete-crushing robot