Apple team-up promises more diversity among tech interns

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Apple team-up promises more diversity among tech interns

Apple knows that improving the diversity of its workforce doesn't just depend on hiring more workers, or dishing out scholarships -- it also has to recruit a wider range of interns that could eventually become permanent staff. To that end, it's partnering with the career accelerator Code2040 to offer paid internships to black and Latino college students. Apple will start by taking on 10 of the 80 computer science fellows in Code2040's 2016 class, and will pick up two more interns beyond that.

That's a drop in the bucket when Apple has thousands of corporate workers. Also, it's relatively late to embracing Code2040 when the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Jawbone and Tumblr (now Yahoo) have all gone first. You have to get started at some point, though, and this shows that a growing number of San Francisco Bay Area companies are aware that diversity is a holistic challenge -- you can't just focus on one or two areas and hope that everything will work out.

[Image credit: Code2040]

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