iPad mini 4 split view support clues hidden in El Capitan

iOS 9's split-screen feature will only work properly on the iPad Air 2, because it's only one in the existing lineup with hardware capable of supporting it. 9to5mac and developer Hamza Sood, however, found proof in OS X El Capitan that Apple's releasing a new iPad mini, and that it will also be capable of supporting split-screen apps. They found a resource file from within the upcoming platform's Safari browser that clearly states that an iPad mini will get "half screen" capability, as you can see below the fold.

They also found a tool that can simulate different Apple devices to allow developers to test the responsiveness of their websites. One of those devices is the iPad mini 3 with split-screen, even though the real device doesn't support the feature. If it's true that Cupertino's next pint-sized tablet can run split-screen apps, then it will likely be equipped with a faster processor and will have much better specs overall. We'll find out for sure if Apple's releasing a new iPad mini (and if the next iPhone will have Force Touch) on September 9th.

[Image credit: 9to5mac and Hamza Sood]