Sony wants you to delay upgrading your old VAIO PC to Windows 10

Sony might not be making PCs anymore, but it's still on the hook for supporting its older systems -- and that's creating a big problem for Windows 10 upgrades. The electronics giant is warning owners against installing Microsoft's latest software on older VAIO PCs until it has the drivers needed to get all the hardware working properly. And unfortunately, that's going to take a while. If your computer first ran Windows 8.1, the Windows 10 drivers won't be ready until October; if it's old enough to have shipped with Windows 8, you'll have to wait until November.

As for a PC that came with Windows 7? Well, you may want to budget for a replacement. Sony is only promising that it will describe "limitation [sic] and issues" this month. To us, that's shorthand for dropping some or all support. There's a real chance that certain hardware features will go missing if you install Windows 10, or that you'll have to endure less-than-ideal performance. We've seen some VAIO owners get things working, but they've had to use decidedly unofficial methods so far. It's not surprising that Sony is devoting less attention to PCs than it did when it was still in the business, but that isn't very comforting if you were hoping to keep that older machine up to date for as long as possible.