Mini review video: our verdict on the Moto G in under a minute

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Moto G Mini Review

The Moto G gets a little better every year. Now in its third generation, Motorola's mid-range handset is still our favorite affordable smartphone, with the most recent version notching a score of 87 out of 100 in our review (that's up from 86 last year and 85 the year before that). Aside from its price (just $179), we appreciate its fast performance, much-improved camera and the fact that it now has LTE, not HSPA+. (It's the small things, right?) That said, the camera could stand to be better in low-light conditions, and it's also a shame that the notification light is now gone and that the base model comes with just 1GB of RAM. Who knows? Maybe if Moto could address those few things, the score might get even closer to the 90 mark with next year's model. Even now, though, it's still the best cheap phone you can buy. See it in action above in our 52-second mini review video, and head here if you have time for a deeper dive.

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