A new age of transportation is upon us and it's self-driving

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Jon Turi
August 15th, 2015
A new age of transportation is upon us and it's self-driving

We're on the cusp of change: Self-driving cars have begun to hit the streets with the goal of making transportation safer. The dream of a self-driving-car future, it would seem, is becoming a reality and it's been a long time in the making. A steady flow of engineers have, over the years, successfully chipped away at the problem of autonomous vehicles as the requisite technology's shrunk in scale and grown in capability. So what better time to look back at some milestones in autonomous-vehicle development than in the wake of this new age of transportation?

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  • The American Wonder
  • Highway of tomorrow
  • Navigational smarts
  • Camera-based cruising
  • Dynamic vision
  • Affordable retrofitting
  • DARPA's Grand Challenges
  • City driving
  • Searching the streets
  • Intercontinental challenge
  • Smart shuttle
  • Cute conveyance
  • Car of the future, today
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