Microsoft patches up IE flaw that gives hackers access to your PC

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Microsoft has issued a critical update to patch up an Internet Explorer hole that can give hackers access to your system. Hackers could create websites capable of exploiting the zero-day vulnerability -- discovered by Google researcher Clement Lecigne -- and get you to click on the URL via email or instant messenger. They will then get the same user rights you have, making the flaw more dangerous if you have administrative access or if you're handling a server or a workstation. With admin powers, intruders can remotely install applications and steal your data.

You probably won't have to do a thing if you've set up security updates to download automatically, but you can also download the fix from the company's website. Microsoft recommends installing it for IE versions 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 -- and yes, it's advisable that you get it even if you're on Windows 10 but too attached to IE to switch to Edge.

[Image credit: geekgiant/Flickr]

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