Virgin Media's new WiFi network uses customer routers

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Jamie Rigg
August 19th, 2015
Virgin Media's new WiFi network uses customer routers

Virgin Media customers already have access to several free WiFi networks, but come September, they'll have even more options. On top of the company's own WiFi hotspots on the London Underground, and its agreement with The Cloud that mobile subscribers benefit from, Virgin Media's turning its own broadband customers into WiFi providers. In the same way that BT uses its customers' routers to bulk out its public WiFi network, Virgin will open up its Super Hub routers to share connectivity. Using an as-yet unreleased app, Virgin broadband and mobile customers will be seamlessly connected to this new WiFi network whenever a hotspot is in range.

As Virgin explains, Super Hub users needn't be worried about poor personal service, since strangers' WiFi traffic will be piped through a completely separate connection. However, even with this assurance your bandwidth won't suffer, you can still opt out of being a part of the network if you choose. But, by doing that, you give up the right to use the new WiFi network yourself, so it's a case of share and share alike.

[Image credit: afagen / Flickr]

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